1. High-Precision CKKS on small word-size architecture
    [Jan 2024] Tech Talk at, Online [slides][video]

  2. Practical Proof-of-Knowledge based on Hint-LWE
    [Aug 2023] Crypto 2023 in Santa Barbara, USA [slides]
    [Jan 2023] Crypto Winter Camp 2023 in Konjiam Resort, Republic of Korea

  3. Faster Amortized FHEW Bootstrapping
    [Feb 2023] Tech Talk at, Online [slides][video]

  4. Approximate FHE CKKS: A to Z
    [July 2022] Tech Talk at NIST Crypto Reading Club, Online
    [May 2021] PTR Talk at Intel Labs, Online

  5. Complexity-Optimal Homomorphic Comparison
    [Dec 2021] ASIACRYPT 2020 in online [slides][video]
    [Jan 2020] East Asian Core Doctoral Forum on Mathematics 2020 in Tokyo, Japan
    [Jan 2020] Crypto Winter Camp 2020 in Konjiam Resort, Republic of Korea
    [Dec 2019] Invited talk in Cryptolab, Republic of Korea

  6. Numerical Methods for Homomorphic Comparison
    [Dec 2019] ASIACRYPT 2019 in Kobe, Japan [slides]

  7. A New Trapdoor over Module-NTRU Lattices and its Applications
    [Jan 2019] Crypto Winter Camp 2019 in Konjiam Resort, Republic of Korea [slides]

  8. Approximate HE over the Conjugate-Invariant Ring (a.k.a. Real-HEAAN)
    [Nov 2018] ICISC 2018 in Seoul, Republic of Korea [slides]

  9. Lizard: Cut off the tail! The practical post-quantum PKE from LWE and LWR
    [Sep 2018] SCN 2018 in Amalfi, Italy [slides]
    [Oct 2017] 2017 KMS Annual Meeting in Dankook University, Republic of Korea