About me

I am a research scientist and a technical lead of fully homomorphic encryption (FHE) algorithm & workload team in Security & Privacy Research (SPR) group at Intel Labs, Hillsboro. My major research topics are FHE and lattice-based cryptography, but I am broadly interested in all aspects of cryptography and mathematical problems derived from them.

I completed my PhD in 2021 at Seoul National University (SNU), where I was advised by Jung Hee Cheon. In 2015, I graduated with Highest Honors from SNU where I majored in Mathematical Sciences.

News and Upcoming Events

  • The paper [DKMS23] entitled “Faster Amortized FHEW bootstrapping using Ring Automorphisms” was accepted to PKC 2024.

  • The paper [AAB+23] entitled “High-precision RNS-CKKS on fixed but smaller word-size architectures: theory and application” was accepted to WAHC 2023.

  • The paper [KLSS23] entitled “Toward Practical Lattice-based Proof of Knowledge from Hint-MLWE” was accepted to CRYPTO 2023.