About me

I am a Ph.D. candidate advised by Prof. Jung Hee Cheon in the Department of Mathematical Sciences at Seoul National University (SNU). My major research topics are homomorphic encryption and lattice-based cryptography, but I am broadly interested in all aspects of cryptography and mathematical problems derived from them. I received my Bachelor’s degree with Highest Honors from Mathematical Sciences at SNU in 2015.

I am currently on the job market!

News and Upcoming Events

  • The paper [CKK20] about “complexity-optimal homomorphic comparison” was accepted to ASIACRYPT 2020.

  • The paper [CKK+19] was selected for the Excellence Award at Samsung DS Industry-Academy Cooperation Project.

  • The paper [KSK+20] about “HE-based semi-parallel GWAS computation” was accepted to BMC Medical Genomics.

  • The paper [KHB+20] about “secure genotype imputation based on HE” is now available at bioRxiv. This is a joint work of iDASH 2019 Track 2 winner teams (TFHE-Chimera, SNU, EPFL), UTHealth and Microsoft Research.

  • The paper [CKK20] was selected for the Gold Award at 26th Samsung Humantech Paper Award (1st place in Computer Science & Engineering).

  • My new paper [CKKS19] about “New trapdoor over Module-NTRU lattices and its applications” is now available at the Cryptology ePrint Archive.

  • The paper [CHK19] about “faster bootstrapping of FHE over the integers” was accepted to ICISC 2019.

  • My SNU team was chosen as one of the winners of Track 2 in iDASH 2019 competition. [SNU Solution]

  • The paper [CKK+19] about “homomorphic comparison” was accepted to ASIACRYPT 2019 with an honor of being invited to Journal of Cryptology. (Top 3 of 71 accepted papers among 307 submissions)